Family – Cursive Font

Family – Cursive Font

The Family Cursive Font subscription to Hartley Knows online therapy and educational resources provides the subscriber with one year of access to 6 modules to support teaching of cursive font for their own children.

Terms and Conditions for Subscription and use of online materials are available at bottom of website

$50.00 GST


Family Subscription – cursive 6 modules

Gives you access to the following:

  1. Ready to Write program in Cursive
  2. the I can write cursive letters
  3. Hartley Sing Along
  4. Numbers 0-10
  5. Hartley Paper and
  6. Skill Builder Activities

Ready to Write cursive – contains 35 videos of stories and songs and 162 worksheets to learn the 15  writing shapes used for writing in cursive font

I can write Aa-Zz – contains 195 cursive formation and song videos and 342 worksheets to learn to write in cursive font

Hartley Sing Along – contains our 88 video songs library to learn the writing shapes and letter formations for both print and cursive fonts

Hartley Numbers 0-10 – contains 46 story and formation videos and 122 worksheets to learn to write numerals

Hartley Paper- contains 71 pdf pages of options of coloured, grey and blue dotted thirds in varied sizes

Skill Builder Activities – contains 60 worksheets for fine motor, perceptual and writing activities

Variations: Please Note if your child is learning print font you will need to subscribe to the Family Print Font. However, if your child is learning with a mixed font such as Sassoon you will need to apply for a professional subscription.


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