Hartley Knows How Self-Regulation

Hartley Knows How Self-Regulation

This training is suitable for Primary School Teachers, Early Childhood Educators, Education Support Staff, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Psychologists working with children. It may also be completed by parents who are interested in furthering their skills and learning on this topic.

Terms and Conditions for Subscription and Training materials use are available at bottom of website

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This self-paced learning package includes 6 ½ hours of video content and comprehensive PowerPoint slide notes focused on the development of self-regulation skills in children from babies to adolescence. The training includes information regarding sensory, cognitive behavioural and physiological approaches that utilises current brain research and a variety of intervention practices to inform participants of a wide array of strategies.

This presentation teaches participants to use the Hartley Knows How self-regulation stories for children from pre-school to year 4 to support the development of positive communication and self-regulation and presents information in-line with the VEYLDF and Victorian Curriculum for use in education settings.


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